Eastern Europe

As I sit, and ponder my next destination. I can’t help but think of how exciting my new gig is. I’ve always wanted to drop everything and go. This time it’s to lovely Eastern Europe. Prague, Berlin, Warsaw, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Bucharest. I’m really looking forward to Prague. It’s one of those amazing places filled with cobble stone streets, and happy locals. … More Eastern Europe


I’m just babbling about how boring Budapest, ugh get me the fuck outta here! … More Budapest.

Budapest, Hungary

I’m here in Budapest, just as I expected its mediocre to say the least. After my recent encounter with death, I haven’t been able to try eat any of the food. I had a really bad case of food poisoning. I’m a little on edge when it comes to trying new food, how can you … More Budapest, Hungary