Paper Aeroplane

While it simply seems jigsaws might be merely falling into place. I’m starting to realize why I came back to San Francisco. Although, initially I wasn’t quite sure if I made a good decision leaving Romania. I’m still working remotely. At the moment I’m interviewing for another Software Engineering role. I love working remotely however, it has its drawbacks; Not much human contact, early morning calls and slack chats. Zoom & Skype are mandatory open communication is key. Sometimes I struggle to communicate with people unfortunately. I guess this is kinda why, I’m not sure why I’d want a role as team lead. Haha, it’s so weird, here in San Francisco. I’m getting recruited by Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple. Oddly enough I’ve managed to turn down, multiple interview requests from all of them. I really don’t see my future being a slave to big conglomerates. I would rather start my own company or make an impact at a Start up. I want my vision to hold the key to my success. I recieved one offer from a company however I don’t have faith in the product. I’m going to sit on the offer, and look elsewhere. I’m meeting with 5 companies next week. Vær så snill å hjelpe min sjel. Hva kan jeg gjøre? Jeg er stresset. Jeg møtte denne fantastiske fyren! Han skal se ute! Han er en utmerket kisser. Jeg liker denne gutten! Jeg reiser til Norge i Mai 12. Jeg kan ikke vente. Det blir moro. Dette er et liv, og det tar tid. I’m definitely happy, that Alexandru and I have dissolved our relationship. It wasn’t healthy, he was toxic. It took me awhile to see that, thankfully I finally did. Holy fucken shit, I literally dodged a fucken bullet. Tusen takk for meg styrken.

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