Reinventing your exit

I’m a bit lost at the moment. I didn’t think moving back to San Francisco would leave me with a dismal feeling of stress. The development job market in SF is cutthroat, and nerve-racking. Ugh, 5 interviews in total. It’s hard to handle. I have discovered the first interviews are with a fellow engineer. Middle interview is with a QA tester, who asks technical questions. Second to last interview is with an engineer who gives you an algorithm to solve. Although, these technical interviews are to see how one handles pressure and problems. I’m not the best with communication in work environments, so explaining something at a high level to a co-worker is very difficult for me, especially in new work environments. I understand it, I stumble on words and can’t explain it. I need to study the design architecture in detail and read up on my Node services. Since these long interviews are the last thing I want to be doing. I’ll start doing mock interviews on it’ll help me get over my fear in normal interviews. It’s all about the logic, if I can understand the root of the problem I’m halfway there, I just need to work through the solution. Console.log that bitch and write some tests and I’ll be good to go. As I predicted a few years ago, React.js is KING here in the bay. It’s so crazy to see how the development world blew up, everyone is hot for React Devs. Nice to see, but jeez folks calm your nads. Starting on March 1st I’ll be building 30 React UI apps in 30 days, for fun. I will also throw in a few React Native android apps on the side. I may need to add Java to my tech stack. Welcome to the struggle bus.

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