Barely Breathing

Well today is the infamous, day of the year. One of the many days of the year, I seem to despise. My birthday. It means, I’m getting older. I don’t feel wiser. I literally have lost a year of time. I wasted a two years of my life in Romania. (#NEVERAGAIN) Worst mistake of my life. I could of went to Norway for that time. Just thinking about the bullshit, makes it more frustrating. It’s over an done with. This day has held severe dread since I was 14 years old. I hate today. At 27 years old I feel no different than I did two days ago. This sucks. I feel like I’m literally going no where in life. I feel stagnant. It’s literally sickening. Yesterday, I had an amazing meet and greet with a company for a Software Development job. I had a meet and greet with the team. I also got to meet the head of engineering. I’m so hard on myself after things like this, I beat myself up internally, and mentally. It’s not good at all. Whatever the outcome with the job, hopefully I’ll here good news soon. All in all this day sucks. I hate my birthdays, lol I wonder how my twin sister feels. She probably got the short end of the stick. I always opt to party on the days of the year I hate the most BIRTHDAYS & CHRISTMAS. In other news, I started working out and taking protein powder to build muscle, not trying to become the hulk. Just trying to build a bit of muscle. I’m going to buy some vinyl, I’ll pick up Tears for Fears Songs From The Big Chair today. I went through my tumblr account the images on perfectly describe how I feel, the irony.

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