Lost in a World that Doesn’t Exist

I’m back on American soil! America is certainly, the last place I want to live. I’m happy to be back. I was lost in Europe for a bit. I found myself. I learned a lot about myself. I was lost. I am no longer lost. I want to buy a house in Stavanger, Norway. 10 years is perhaps, an adequate amount of time to save for this goal. Hopefully, the dollar goes up by then…. When I was in Norway for a month in January, the dollar was super low. It was awful. Now the euro has skyrocketed 😦 With the low dollar, all travel for me will have to be held to a minimum. My friend Andrew wants me to visit him in New York. I will reserve my travel for US based right now. I’m trying to lock down a Software Engineering role in New York or San Francisco. I’m totally focused to locking down a role very soon. I’ve had a lot of amazing companies approach me. A few big companies like Change.org ,Wayfair.com and a Blockchain company. I always wanted to work in the Blockchain Industry, that position sounds the most promising because the role is at a startup, I can work there for 1 year cash out my equity and move on to other roles. I honestly prefer San Francisco, the weather is better and it was once home. I’m so happy I chose Javascript to be my language of expertise. I’ve been studying up on Big O algorithmic functions, I’m always really nervous in technical interviews I tend to lose my train of thought. I’ve been studying all possible iterative and recursive functions so that I’ll be prepared for these interviews coming up! I’ve been studying for my interviews for about 15 hours a day, I want to be ready for these, rather than unprepared. I’ve rebuilt my tumblr in the last few months. I hope to land a job permanent job in the near future. Most of my roles overseas were through Upwork. All of it was contract work. One of the best paying gigs was a recent contract I finished in Berlin. I was one of two Front End Dev’s although this role had a twist. I was also the only back end developer on the project! The Front End of the platform had HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, we used jest and Selenium web automation tools for testing. I honestly think we could of used Webpack 4 and SASS as well. I had to rebuild the back end in rails. I personally think rails is great for small scale projects, but it is a bit limited. I was testing Rails using RSpec, it focuses on readability and composability of tests. It uses words such as “describes” and “it” when naming tests and test groups. I was trying to convince the CEO/PM to switch the Back End to Node.js, they thought it would be too much work an decided against it. One thing I pointed out was that they have to switch to Node.js in the future, because of the where Javascript specifically headed being the future of the web, and all. It’s object-oriented language which is perfect. This was once of the best paying contracts, so far. I earned €15,000 in 3 months. I wish permanent jobs, paid that well, lol oh wait they do! They pay better, hence me wanting to migrate to a permanent role. I just need continue to study and remain positive. Although, I have a tendency to get discouraged a lot I need to look past it. If a company can’t see that, I’m nervous during the interview process, its not a good fit. I shouldn’t get upset, I can consider it a learning experience. As long as I’ve come to an interview 100% prepared, I’ll be ok. If I don’t know answer to a question I should try to think about the algorithmic approach, and explain out loud how I would go about solving the current problem. I can’t be faulted if I try. However if I don’t try, it looks really bad. The moral of this story is for the next few months I’ll be prepping, studying and cramming for technical interviews. I’ll be giving all of them 100% effort rather than only 40% effort in the past. fullsizeoutput_8cc


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