Bucharest, Romania

It has been quite awhile since my last post. I’ve been working lately on starting my own tech company in Berlin. The last few months have been really stressful. I was living in Bucharest for a year. I’m slowly making my way back to Berlin.  As I sit on my couch and reflect about my time in Romania, I had good and bad times while living there. I will never move back to Romania. It’s a very backward thinking society, being a westerner it really bothered me. My boyfriend was Romanian, his name was Alexandru.  He and I broke up because he was upset that I make more money than him, his words were “You will be very successful, but I will not be it is a result of my lazy life.” Good Riddance, I say. I really needed to work on getting my company started either way. I would rather be single than deal with a lazy bastard that can’t comprehend budgeting finances.  All in all this works out in my favor.  Break ups suck but, this is for the best. I’m heading back to Berlin in April after a long vacation in sunny California. Europe is my home, I’m excited to get back to those Cobblestone Streets. Stay Tuned for updates about my tech company. I should have the site up soon!

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