Hail to the Thief

  • Awhile after moving away from Berlin, I needed to clear my head. I hopped a flight from Tegal to Oslo. Once I landed in Norway I felt like I was home. Of any place that knows me better than myself, it’s Norway. It’s my home away from home. My second family lives in Stavanger. I love them dearly. I spent a few days in Norway to clear my mind. I couldn’t really figure out what my plan was. I was lacking motivation, and emotionally I was struggling. I thought perhaps I was on the edge of a breakdown? I tried to hold it together, I felt like I was losing it. I felt so alone. It was a do or die moment, fly to New York City and make it; Or Fly to New York City and get swallowed up. I was determined to make it. I struggled, people in New York are so rude. I wondered for a while why people practically break their legs walking so fucken fast. Do they know it’s not fucking normal to walk like that. Damn Kooks. I started working at a organic pizza place. I quit after a few days. I ended up getting a contract job at a Tech Company. I’m no longer slumming it. I’m living in Hell’s Kitchen, working an awesome job. New York’s midnight ambience, is my favorite time. The taxi’s are zooming down the GW, looking for their next pick up in on the West Side. I live about 9 blocks from Times Square in Manhattan. I work fairly close to where I live. I live on W 51st and I work on 7th Ave 31st, I walk 20 blocks every day, to and from work. It’s a breeze. Walking back is another story, those pesky tourists like to cause a lot of traffic congestion. It’s a nightmare. It was difficult to navigate the subway system at first but now I’m an expert. Dive Bars are plenty full in Manhattan. My favorite place to drink is Brooklyn. The dives are so chill. I think I might start to like this place. I was only considering staying in New York until Early-Mid June, we’ll see. $1 pizza is a thing but they’re shitty slices. Get at least a $2.75 slice. Welcome to the city that never sleeps.

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