Berlin, Germany

I had a lot of amazing experiences in Berlin. I found a beautiful apartment, the prime neighborhood Kreuzberg. My favorite thing about the neighborhood was that, all the Bars stayed open all night. I could by a beer anytime. The German breztels, and the brioche buns were always fresh. I lived in the land of cappacunios, I was obsessed. I shared a 2 bedroom with a woman from Latvia. She was a very mild mannered woman named Inga. She was 28 years old, and a software engineer. I honestly thought she was a lunatic. We had very deep conversations about her life in Latvia. On occasion we’d speak briefly about my life, and what I was doing in Berlin. Inga had a boyfriend that was 45 years old whom she loved. She frequently told me that the field she worked in was sexist. I completely agreed with her. I constantly asked her why she chose to be a software engineer? Her response was always it paid more then what she was making in Latvia, she’d be lucky to have enough to eat if she stayed there. I was always in such awe listening to her trials. I eventually moved out of Kreuzberg to the neighborhood of Schöneberg. It was a pleasant neighborhood, with a school and a few groceries stores walking distance away. Nollendorfplatz Ubahn station was about 4 blocks north. (I never once bought a pass for the Ubahn you can get crazy expensive tickets from the Ubahn cops.) My favorite Health food Grocery store is around the corner from the Ubahn station everything is all organic products. The best thing I discovered in Berlin was the Ultra-Pasteurized Milk. That stuff can sit on the shelf for 6 months without refrigeration! It’s amazing! I love Berlin!

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