Eastern Europe

As I sit, and ponder my next destination. I can’t help but think of how exciting my new gig is. I’ve always wanted to drop everything and go. This time it’s to lovely Eastern Europe. PragueBerlinWarsawAuschwitz-BirkenauBucharest. I’m really looking forward to Prague. It’s one of those amazing places filled with cobble stone streets, and happy locals. I can’t wait to photograph the famed  Charles Bridge. I’ll be visiting are Old Town Square, lovely food, architecture, St. Vitus Cathedral, and Prague Castle. I’ll be staying in Eastern Europe for 20 days. My trip starts with a long haul flight from San Francisco to London on Christmas eve. I don’t actually have to be in Berlin Until December 28th, 2016. I’m flying out early, to explore London for a few days before my flight to Germany. While in London, I’ll be hitting up a few key sites which are always a traveler’s must. Big Ben is a iconic, location. I’ll be visiting Oxford Street. I’ll be hunting for Vinyl in London for those of you who don’t know, collecting Vinyl is my life. I got into it a few years ago. At the end of my trip I’ll be flying to Copenhagen. Denmark is always a place where I start or end my travels. I find it a great place for self reflection. I’ve always enjoyed my time in Denmark. This adventure will be one of many, In honor of the new year. Maybe I’ll try some pickled herring. I will definitely need some Sambuca, shots too. Thanks for reading.

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