Well after a early start today, I saw the sights. I went on a 4 hour bus tour. It was quite marvelous. I went to Buda district learned some stuff, none I can remember however. I went to Pest District, it was a bit weird. There was a lot of traffic in the city today. It makes me wonder where the hell everyone is going. I’ll have to take that same tour tomorrow. I’m currently listening to Elliott Smith’s album Either/Or. I forgot how good Smith was, true greatness. Definitely depressing after long periods of time. The whole time I’ve been in Budapest I haven’t had been discovering any new music. While I was out today, picked up some Haribo Dino’s. I haven’t been able to find these in America. I have not been actually actively looking. Budapest boring as hell. I can’t wait to get fuck out here. They have great night life but, the people are dense as fuck! I never thought it would be this dull. The bars are great, the clubs are pretty chill too. I am by no means trying discourage people from visiting. This is a better place for elderly people. It’s cheaper then HELL. This place is full of nooks and cranny’s that would leave your average elderly couple in the dust. Budapest is has a few good record stores, I was able to find. I picked up a 7 LP’s today. 2 Genesis, A Bruce Springsteen, U2, Simon And Garfunkel, Pink Floyd, and Radiohead. I’m very excited to play these LP’s when I get back to America. I still haven’t been able to get U2’s The Joshua Tree. I’m sure I’ll come across it soon. My creativity is a bit low. I took a lot of photos while I was on my adventure today. Thanks for Reading today.


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