I love this country. Yes, taxes are higher than hell. I visit twice a year. Winter and Summer. I love how simple the meals are. I love how the sun barely rises in the winter. In the summer its light for about 14 hours. In the summer time around 4am the sun comes up. I love to Norwegian Language. I met AJ in the Fall of 2014. We met in a bar, it was during baseball season playoffs. My team was an underdog. AJ is Norwegian. Definitely one of the best damn Norwegians I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. At the time AJ was working at a local Norwegian College in the area in the USA. I lived and worked in the area. We would hang out after work, have some drinks get food. We lived in the same neighborhood. It was always very easy to coordinate after work adventures. Wherever we stumbled upon we had the time of our lives. I have met everyone in his family. AJ’s Family is very polite,caring and I love them to death. I always enjoy long talks with his folks. I have a blast when I’m heading to Scandinavia. When I was there in December/January I met a guy named SJ He was very polite, focused on his studies, and work. Granted he wasn’t looking for a relationship, but neither was I.(I’ll give SJ 9.5) If I had a list of amazing fuck buddies(SJ) ladies and gentlemen would be on that list. SJ and I had a regular sex-fest on our hands. I’ve got plenty of open relationships back home, a guy for everyday of the week. I don’t have the energy to take a dick every day of the week. No, Fucking way! That’s too many damn dicks! Would I be moving to Norway for SJ, No. I’ll be moving because, just love that place. Sorry to say it but I love the weather. The air is so fresh. I love Milk, OMG its like heaven so tasty. Coffee with milk is my favorite drink, next to water. The breakfast so simple, yet elegant. Think of an english breakfast, but no fucken tea its mind-blowing. When I was in Stavanger, I decided to check out the bar scene. Not much to look at if you aren’t already drunk. There are a few good dive bars GNU, PIREN Pub, and Martinique. Those are my favorites so far. It was my second night in Stavanger. AJ wanted me to meet V, tall blonde bombshell, this girl was like a Norwegian fashion model. V was AJ’s girlfriend.  We met up with a few of her friends at a bar called Cardinal, it was a nice fancy bar. A tad too classy for my taste, but it was an icebreaker so to speak. We eventually made our way down to Irishman, a dive which was more my style. I ended up ordering a few drinks, chatting for awhile. After a while ended up at the bar chatting with a guy. He was nice seemed like he didn’t really want to be bothered though. I was really drunk at the time. I told him that I was looking for a good time in Norway. He gave me his phone number. My intentions in Norway were not to meet guys, and be a whore it sorta just happened. I did eventually meet up with this guy named M, the sex meh…IT was awful, bland. Although, I can’t complain M was a gentleman. He supplied plenty of Wine, Brie and Grapes. All I needed to do is drown my pathetic sorrows in Wine, and Brie for the evening. My drunk slutty, intentions got the best of me. I’m Budapest now, and let’s just say the sites aren’t as perfect as Scandinavia, to say the least. I’ll keep you updated on the scenery, in Budapest. Thanks for reading. *ALL NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT PRIVACY* #NOFUCKSGIVEN #TOOMANYDAMNDICKS


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