Budapest, Hungary

I’m here in Budapest, just as I expected its mediocre to say the least. After my recent encounter with death, I haven’t been able to try eat any of the food. I had a really bad case of food poisoning. I’m a little on edge when it comes to trying new food, how can you fuck up a panini? I’ve been doing a bit of site-seeing lately. I bought a band Tee and this shop that claimed to be a thrift shop. (Complete bullshit by the way) I paid $18 damn dollars for that fucken tee. The fuckery is real. The old buildings are breathtaking, with a medieval glow. I went to a bar on my first night in Budapest. I started talking a guy, he’s from Egypt. He works in Finance. (isn’t worthy of mentioning) The whole time we were talking, I couldn’t help but think how exhausted I was after the conversation. My trip here in Budapest started off, bad. I have no intention of being a slutty whore this time around. I came to see sights. Although, I could be in America hating my life with the slew of storms about to hit. I’m here. It’s nice here. The people are dull and boring. There’s not much life in the eyes here. Hungary is a country who’s cost of living is pretty low. I don’t think this would ever be a place I’d want to live. It’s beautiful, scenic and cheaper than America. Everyone is so fucken stiff. I rarely see people laughing, only in Bars. Its beauty is uncanny. I’m on a great peaceful vacation. I love how quite the streets are, at 2am. I love that I can go into a bar 24 hour bar and order a drink at 4am. I like the peace here. I wish I could stay a while longer. I have to get back to work soon. I’m nowhere and everywhere. I’m in the wind. I’m a ghost. I’m gone. I wish was in the wind. I wish working everyday, until I’m 100 years of age wasn’t a thing. I wish the USA pulled its shit together, and got real about poverty with in its own country. How can a country fight to feed the hungry 3rd world countries, and not even care about its own. Granted, I’m healthy, employed citizen, but sometimes the pain is too real. I see it everyday in my neighborhood, it’s sad. This is the world we live in. I can change mysterious this world? I am only one person, I can only do so much. I’m only in Budapest for 6 more days. I’ve enjoyed my time for reflection.

I am nowhere.
I am everywhere.
I am in the wind
I am a ghost.
I am gone.
I’m everywhere and nowhere.

Thanks for reading about my adventures abroad.
I’ll be posting more thoughts on Budapest as I get closer to departure.


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